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HR Consulting &

Project Leadership

Day-to-day HR support.  The need for strategic thought partnership.   


Large organizations have layers of both operational and strategic partnership staffed in their HR functions.   And even large companies don't have subject matter experts in every discipline.  It's not economically feasible.  It is unrealistic to think that your in house HR team can always manage all of the unique and constantly changing needs of of your company.   Invest in your HR Resources!

Talent Lantern can provide that periodic strategic partnership in a myriad of areas including:  leadership development strategy, organizational design, workforce planning, change management, talent management and succession planning, performance management optimization, organizational health, executive thought partnership, and special HR projects design.

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Strategic HR Leadership Experience

You Know It When Have It.

You Feel It When You Don't.

Strategic Partnership

  • SaaS HR Model:  Executive Thought Partnership on Retainer

  • Organizational Design

  • Transformation Planning & Strategy

  • Workforce Planning -- Capability Building

  • Organizational Health & Culture

Talent Management

  • Leadership Development Strategy 

  • Talent Engagement & Building Bench Strength

  • L & D Strategy Mapping:  Learning Cultures

  • M&A Talent & Culture Integration

  • Performance Management Optimization

  • Talent Review & Succession Planning

HR Team Development

  • HR Process Excellence

  • Functional Planning 

  • Talent Sourcing Support

  • Project Management Design

  • HR Functional Audit

  • Special Project Support

“If an organization increased its investment in HR by just 10% it would boost gross profits by nearly $2,000 per employee per year.”

                                                                                                                                                            eWork Foundation and the Institute for Employment Studies

Indicators Your Company May Benefit From Strategic HR Support

● Focus on tactical administration vs. bigger picture needs

● Working harder versus smarter in prioritization of work

● Home grown talent vs. subject matter expertise

● Programs no longer effectively support the organization

● Lack of process effectiveness impacts employee experience

● No band-width or experience in strategic HR strategy

Business Consultation
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Expand Your 

HR Capabilities

Whether you need assistance with a short-term project or if your organization would benefit from on-going HR thought leadership, Talent Lantern is here to help.

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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