Got Conflict?

Conflicts are an important part of life.  Without them, we would learn less, create higher instances of mental health issues, and be less innovative and successful. It is our diversity of thought that allows us to achieve greatly. Our diversity of thought also leads to conflict. 


Successfully and productively managing conflict is one of life's great success factors.  

Whether this is a skill that needs developed in your organization, or a situation has escalated beyond internal resolution means, Talent Lantern has solutions to meet your needs.

Your Roadmap Back from Conflict

Team Dynamic Interventions

Four Half Days or 16 Hours

We customize a plan starting with assessment and open dialogue to rebuilding fractured connections to align to shared commitments and team values.   This model has proven successful time and time again.  Multiple customization options to meet your team's needs.

Individual Conflict Resolution

8 Week Program. .  . Or, As Long as It Takes, We Stick With You!

Sometimes smart, talented, good people become so disconnected it the divide is literally like oil and water.   Our process of 1:1 discovery and reconnection has proven so effective we offer a Money Back Guarantee.  Seriously.